Powerful Integrated Software Solutions

We develop flexible, cohesive management systems to empower your business.

Feature Packed Products

We have a range of stand-alone products that cater to a broad selection of industries as well as providing custom-built software solutions that are designed to solve a specific problem or need.



MedintaHMS is a cloud-based healthcare management software that caters to the healthcare industry but can be tailored to most enterprises such as manufacturing, trading, education, distribution, engineering, construction, and more. MedintaHMS is focused on creating simple, easy-to-use enterprise software that drives progress for our clients.


MedintaHR is a professional HR management system that uses the SaaS model. It has an efficient design which facilitates all human resource functions including recruitment, payroll and training. MedintaHR can be accessed anywhere through the internet due to its cloud-based infrastructure.



Kitchen Management System for the Healthcare Sector

iMenusoft is a powerful kitchen management and food ordering application developed to support healthcare providers with efficient, cost-effective menu support. Stand alone or integrated application.


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